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What is a crewed yacht charter like?

Imagine your own floating hotel where the view changes every day. It is the ultimate in luxury, service and privacy. Chartering your own private yacht allows you to relax and unwind and let your crew take care of all your needs.

What is included in a charter fee?

For most of the yachts in the Virgin Islands the rate includes food and normal ship’s bar. Any special requests for a higher brand of wine or champagne are typically the charterer’s additional expense.

Yachts that charter further south in the Caribbean from the Antigua/St. Martin area to the Grenadines usually include meals, but bar is additional. Some of the larger sailing and motor yachts have a base charter fee, but all other expenses for food, bar, fuel, dockage, taxes, communications, etc. are extra. Depending on the type of yacht this can be an added cost anywhere from 20% - 30% of the charter fee.

Mediterranean charters are typically plus all expenses, but there are some of the smaller yachts working in the Eastern Mediterranean that sometimes include half board, which means breakfast and lunch would be included.

Gratuity for the crew is at the discretion of the charterer. A suggestion would be between 10% - 20% on the base charter fee.

You should always check with your broker as to the terms of charter for any yacht that you are considering as there is no real standard set of terms.

What kind of food and beverages will we be served?

The yacht will plan your daily menu around what information you have given in your food and bar preference form. The meals and beverages will be tailored to your requests so being as specific as possible is suggested.

Where can we go during our cruise?

The itinerary for your charter will either be discussed beforehand or on a day to day basis with your crew. If you have specifics you will need to advise the broker beforehand so your captain knows of your interests. Flexibility is the key for both charter guests and crew.

Will I be allowed to help sail the yacht?

Depending on the size of the vessel and what experience you may have, crew generally welcome your involvement. Your interests will be discussed with the crew beforehand and if your knowledge is appropriate you may share in the sailing of the yacht when possible. There are certain maneuvers, though, that are the responsibility of the crew.

What do I need to bring?

Yachts request that you bring soft-sided luggage or duffel bags for your clothing as there is limited space on a yacht to store hard luggage. Generally you will only need casual clothing, but if you plan to go ashore to a more formal restaurant then you may need something a bit more than casual. You usually spend your days in shorts, T-shirts and swimsuits, but sometimes the evenings can be slightly cooler.

The above generally applies to the smaller sailing and motor yachts, but if your choice ends up being a much larger motor or sailing yacht then the evening dress is typically a bit more formal.

What activities can we do during the charter?

A variety of water activities are available depending on the size of the yacht you are cruising on. They generally all have snorkeling gear on board, but if you are more comfortable with your own then you can certainly bring that along. Some yachts allow diving for certified divers so be sure to mention to your broker if you have that interest. Otherwise, most yachts carry additional water toys such as kneeboards, water skis, sea kayaks, tubes, etc. If there is something you would like to do or have on board that the yacht generally does not carry, then it can usually be arranged for by your crew.

If your interest is in going ashore and exploring by foot or car, or to spend each day just relaxing and reading a good book or being active every day – whatever it is that suits your needs – your crew will guide you and you will have a truly memorable experience of a lifetime!

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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